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I was at a Mets game this past weekend. They lost in an abysmal fashion to the Nationals, but the day wasn’t a total waste. We saw the new stadium (loved it!), ate some delicious food (a reasonably priced $17 lobster roll from Catch of the Day, which is run by Dave Pasternack of Esca) and chilled out in the shade on a nice (well, if you’d call 86 degrees nice), sunny day. And, strangely enough, we got to listen to some Russian music. A few minutes into the game, I was insanely excited to hear the stadium organist or whatever play “Kalinka,” a traditional Russian folk song. I looked around to see if anyone’s face displayed the same sort of recognition mine did, but no, most just sat there and attended to their beers and baseball caps. May I suggest a rendition of “Katyusha” for next game?

Citifield, the new home of the Mets

Citifield, the new home of the Mets


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